On 04/01/2022, ESR launched on Pluto in LATAM.

As part of Esports Revolutions plan to increase global reach, ESR has partnered with PlutoTV LATAM to begin broadcasting new and original content for the spanish/latin audiences across Latin America and Spain. With all new spanish speaking streamers such as TheSlayer360, ThaNIX, JorgeIsaac115, and many more. As well as subtitled content from some of ESR’s biggest shows like Playing With Words, Battle For The Rose, Girl Gamer Life, Thrills Kills & Chills, and Age of Coronavirus.

The gaming market in Spain is experiencing continued growth. As stated by the Spanish Video Game Association, “in 2021 the revenue of the gaming sector in Spain was 1,924 million USD, a 2.8% increase on the previous year.” Likewise Latin America has continued to grow revenue in the gaming sector. With Brazil alone earning 1.3 Billion USD in 2022 from the gaming market.

With a rapid increase in Esport interest across Latin America, and Spain now is the perfect time to enter the market and fulfill the demand.



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ESR is the first 24/7 esports channel in the USA, it features docuseries, talk shows, and tournaments, including the biggest games and names in esports.